Nadine Gyug

Nadine is an Energy Therapist and Medium. She has a very natural, intuitive way of connecting with people on individual soul levels. Through energy work Nadine guides people to release old patterns, fears and ways of being so that they can learn to be in the moment and manage without stresses and old triggers. Nadine teaches how to be ok with chaos and how to take back personal power in order to push forward.

Nadine also connects with Spirits who have passed on. She has been trained in the field of Mediumship through many different schools, such as The Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship and Psychic Studies.

During WUB Gathering, Nadine will be offering Guided Visualizations to help you relax, release and reset your mind. Nadine is gifted in introducing meditation to people at all different levels. Her guided visualizations are the perfect fit for beginners or for masters.