Saturday Nov 10, 2018

7:00 am | Choose (A) or (B)

Option ( A )

Energy Medicine Meditation | Caryn Kilback

During this healing meditation Caryn will skillfully lead you into the power of the breath to shift stagnancy and clarify the Mind-Body while engaging in Energy Medicine point holds to balance the nervous system cultivating an inner position of calm. You will then journey deeper into your experience with a transcending technique utilizing a mantra for you to access your fundamental state of being leaving you feeling nourished, balanced and energized.

Option ( B )

Wild Heart Yoga Flow | Kristen Stuart

With live Violin by

Mitchell Howanyk & Chloe Davidson

When we connect to our aliveness, we come home to our wholeness. Experience the power of heart alignment to access JOY, FREEDOM and COMPASSION. Open your body, elevate your heart and activate your wild-heart spirit through this dynamic yoga class.

As if that's not awesome enough... this class will be accompanied by live music! Accomplished violinists Mitchell Howanyk & Chloe Davidson will be looping violins and creating magic for your ears.

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7:00 - 9:30 am*


Executive Chef Sébastien Tessier and his team have designed banquet and buffet menus inspired by fresh, sustainable, and locally produced ingredients.

*Buffet is open

10:00 am

TALK | Ronna Schneberger
Have an edge in today’s world by becoming "nature-wise"

In today’s busy distracted world, those who carve out 15 min to walk in a park or forest on a regular basis will have an edge. Research shows time in a park or forest practicing Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing will decrease stress and anxiety, and it will increase the ability to focus, think critically and make better decision.

For the past 25 years Ronna Schneberger has been exploring ways of connecting people to themselves through time in wild places. One of the first people in Canada to guide the simple yet powerful practice of Shinrin Yoku.

Ronna will share her insight and provide effective tools you can listen to yourself and what nature has to tell you. With our increasingly busy technological world, research shows it is the nature wise who will have the advantage.

10:20 am

TALK | Jim Elzinga
Path of The Heroic Heart

Jim Elzinga is one of Canada’s few elite Alpinists whose focus has consistently been on a search for new more difficult routes on the world’s most challenging mountains. Jim will share his story on how against enormous odds in extreme conditions, over seventy-six days, Jim led the small, dedicated team in pioneering a new route up Mount Everest, enabling Sharon Wood to be the first North American woman to reach the summit.

Jim's life is filled with story after story of triumph over hardship. Surviving days high up on a mountain without food (on one climb in the Himalayas, six days), and descending in a storm; falling thirty feet into a crevasse, rescuing him self in a dramatic life and death struggle, then crossing the glacier alone till he was off the mountain; Jim and a climbing partner, on an untried route in the Canadian Rockies, when a freak August snowstorm confined them to a six inch ledge where they spent two nights without sleeping bags, nearly dying of hypothermia.

10:50 am

BREAK | Short Beverage & Snack Break

11:10 am

TALK | Jessica Joines
DARE TO BELIEVE | Your Power. Your Purpose.

In this highly motivating and empowering talk, Jessica Joines shares her own inspirational, personal journey and lessons learned to living a life of purpose. She reveals how her own struggle and search to live a life of meaning lead to many failures, yet powerful lessons along the way. She details how her relentless determination to wake up doing something she loves every single day, lead to unanticipated gifts of self-discovery, love and awareness.

Jessica shares the spiritual truths she now abides by to master a life of purpose, noting it's a continuous process that's always evolving. She will teach us her 6-step process for creating and activating purpose in your own life. Walk away from this talk tapped into your unlimited potential to achieve the impossible, do good and live a life of meaning.

11:45 am


Lunch is included as part of all-inclusive or add-on packages.

If you did not choose a meal or all-inclusive package there is no need to panic! There are several great options available around Banff Centre. On site we recommend MacLab Bistro.

1:00 pm | Choose (A), (B) or (C)

Option ( A )

Rhythm Cradle
( Circles of Rhythm )

Circles of Rhythm is a powerful group experience of support that can impact every level of being. We all drum and get drummed by beautiful native frame drums, melded with the flute and didgeridoo. Participants are invited to let go of negativity in the heart, body and soul.

Experience a sense of unity, healing and catalyst for positive steps toward a brighter future the rhythm cradle provides.

Option ( B )

Meditation For Those Who Can’t Meditate
( Nadine Gyug )

Nadine Gyug will be offering Guided Visualizations to help you relax, release and reset your mind. Nadine has a natural way of introducing meditation to people at all different levels. Her guided visualizations are the perfect fit for beginners or for masters.

Nadine is an Energy Therapist and Medium. She has a very natural, intuitive way of connecting with people on individual soul levels. Through energy work Nadine guides people to release old patterns, fears and ways of Being so that they can learn to be in the moment and manage without stresses and old triggers. Nadine teaches how to be ok with chaos and how to take back personal power in order to push forward.

Option ( C )

Acro Yoga!
( Jessica Laporte )

This workshop is playful with a focus on: intention, awareness of the mind and body connection, functional movement, breath, and finding the balance between strength, stability, and mobility.

Jessica's classes are accessible yet appropriately challenging to all-levels. No partner or experience necessary, this class will cater to all in attendance! Come play!

Jessica Laporte

2:00 pm


2:15 pm

Afternoon sessions & workshops (A) - (C) repeat

Option ( A ) Rhythm Cradle

Option ( B ) Meditation For Those Who Can’t Meditate

Option ( C ) Acro Yoga

3:30 - 5:30 pm

Empower Hour


Your empowered to use this time to do what best suits you. Its your chance to explore the property, wander in to the town of Banff and do some shopping or maybe retreat to your room for a much needed break.


Need something more to complete your wellness experience? We will have some amazing practitioners on hand offering massage, reiki, tarot, sound healing, and more!


Feel the need to Explore? Let our partners at Discover Banff Tours take you on an adventure. From a scenic sightseeing rides up the Banff Gondola, to icewalk and cave tours.

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Reception & Happy Hour

Rejoin your fellow guests, connect with new friends and prep yourself for the amazing evening ahead. Cocktails, wine, beer, coffee and tea will be available.



Break bread and enjoy an amazing meal with your fellow guests. Executive Chef Sébastien Tessier and his team have designed banquet and buffet menus inspired by fresh, sustainable, and locally produced ingredients.


High Energy Drumming

After a long day of amazing sessions, talks, and workshops, Circles of Rhythm will help kick start the evening vibe by facilitating a high energy drum circle. Imagine the vibrations of a couple hundred people drumming mindfully together!

A great way to lead in to a night of dance, performance and live music!

9:30pm - Midnight

Live DJ & Dance Performance

Picture this... as the rhythm and energy peaks from our drumming, an amazing beat blends in by Kylee Dawn as she kicks off her DJ set. NOW... to top that off, Inner Journeys Dance Co with help set the tone and get you moving with an amazing contemporary dance performance.

Learn more about --> Inner Journeys

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* Denotes activity is part of all-inclusive or add-on packages